2017 GSR Counselor-In-Training Registrations (552)

2017 GSR Counselor-In-Training Registrations (552)
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254 Griswold Lane
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837, US
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2017 GSR Counselor-In-Training Registration - NOTES:


- All answers are required.  Please answer accurately!

- The Counselor-In-Training program is open to Boy Scouts or co-ed Venturers who will be aged 14 or 15 at the time they serve.  Those who are aged sixteen or older can request a similar program from the DWC Camping Director, Mark Callahan at Mark.Callahan@scouting.org.

- Half-week sessions are not eligible for CIT Program participation; you must complete two full weeks.

- NOTE: The CIT program does not guarantee Staff selection in future years.  However, it is a great 'stepping stone' toward becoming recognized and the best opportunity for learning 'what it is really like' to be a Griswold Scout Reservation Staff member.

- The CIT program is offered four times each summer for two consecutive weeks, each.  Each two-week session, therefore, starts on each odd-numbered week of the season and includes the even-numbered week immediately following.  CITs must participate in consecutive weeks (i.e.: you cannot mix and match sessions).

- CITs will be challenged to visit five program areas in each camp during their first week of the program (ten total).  The goal of these visits is to become acquainted with the myriad experiences found at GSR as well as witness first-hand the differences found in high safety and more creative areas.  During this first week, CITs will also participate in evening trainings with senior Staff members.  During the second week in the program, CITs will be assigned as a 'student teacher' in one area in one of the camps on the Reservation.  This week will provide the CIT the opportunity to practice teach and be coached from veteran staff.

- CITs are encouraged to leave the reservation on the Saturday between their sessions but are allowed to stay if they request in advance to do so.  NOTE: There are no programs or structured programs offered for CITs during the Saturday between their weeks.

- CITs arrive for their first Sunday between 1pm-2pm to Carter Lodge at Hidden Valley.  CITs arrive for the 11am Staff meeting on their second week of the program in the Hidden Valley Handicraft Area.  Dismissal on the Saturdays of both weeks is at 11am from the Hidden Valley Administration Building.

- After completing the first page of questions in the registration process, you will see a screen which simply asks "How many?"  This question refers to how many individuals you wish to register for Provisional (either full or half-week sessions).


Thank you for registering to be a Counselor-In-Training in 2017 at GSR!

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$440.00 per Registration
Cancellation Policy
Refunds will only be granted if sufficient evidence - in writing - is presented to the DWC Camping Department (camping@nhscouting.org) regarding a worthy absence. Refunds are not guaranteed simply by requesting one. If a refund is granted, anywhere from $50 to the total fee might be retained by DWC depending on how close to the actual start-date of the week the request is made. Refunds will not be accepted after September 1, 2017.