2017 Camp Bell Additional Adult Leader Registrations (559)

2017 Camp Bell Additional Adult Leader Registrations (559)
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254 Griswold Lane
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

2017 Camp Bell Additional Adult Leader Registration - NOTES:


- All answers are requried.  Please answer accurately!

- After completing payment, in a separate email within approximately 24-48 hours, you will receive a link and password which will invite you into the new, online registration system for the purposes of listing your additional adult(s) on the appropriate days/times of your week in camp.  The online registration system will also provide the opportunity for each additional adult leader to register for training opportunities during the period of time they are in camp.

- Adults need Parts A, B and C of an Annual Health & Medical Record if:  a) they stay overnight, b) they accumulate 24 hours in the course of the summer, c) they participate in any remote or 'active' programs.  Adults also need to produce written proof of successful completion - and current standing - of Youth Protection Training.  Failure to produice these required documents could result in loss of registration fees.  the medical form needed is based upon the length of the campout, not the length of time they personally attend it.

- After completing the first page of questions, you will see a screen which simply asks "How many?"  This question refers to how many additional adults you are adding into the system.


Thank you for registering as an additional adult leader at Camp Bell in 2017! 

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Cancellation Policy
Refunds will only be granted if sufficient evidence - in writing - is presented to the DWC Camping Department (camping@nhscouting.org) regarding a worthy absence. Refunds are not guaranteed simply by requesting one. If a refund is granted, anywhere from $50 to the total fee might be retained by DWC depending on how close to the actual start-date of the week the request is made. Refunds will not be accepted after September 1, 2017.