2017 Hidden Valley Provisional (552)

2017 Hidden Valley Provisional (552)
Last Day To Register
254 Griswold Lane
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

2017 Hidden Valley Provisional Registration - NOTES:


- All answers are requried.  Please answer accurately!

- After completing payment, in a separate emai within approximately 24-48 hours, you will receive an email which will invite you into the second stage of the online registration system for the purposes of selecting Merit Badges, personal advancements and individual activities.  Keep this username and password as it will be the same username and password to retrieve your advancement information at any point after your week in camp.

- Half-week sessions are ONLY available for Boy Scouts age 14 or older or Venturers.  Those choosing half-week sessions should not seek week-long programs unless prior arrangements are made - and approved - to complete work at different times (due to advanced preparation and proven ability).  Half-week session participants should strongly consider SPOKE offerings (described in the Parent, Provisional and APEX Guide) as their primary means to choosing advancements.  Other offerings will need to be made with special arrangements.

- Valley Voyageur, White Mountain Voyageur and River Voyageur and APEX participants MUST sign up for a full-week session (i.e.: It is not possible to reduce a Voyageur week in half).

- After completing the first page of questions, you will see a screen which simply asks "How many?"  This question refers to how many individuals you wish to register for Provisional (either full or half-week sessions).


Thank you for registering for Provisional at Hidden Valley in 2017! 

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Cancellation Policy
Refunds will only be granted if sufficient evidence - in writing - is presented to the DWC Camping Department (camping@nhscouting.org) regarding a worthy absence. Refunds are not guaranteed simply by requesting one. If a refund is granted, anywhere from $50 to the total fee might be retained by DWC depending on how close to the actual start-date of the week the request is made. Refunds will not be accepted after September 1, 2017.