2017 Camp Bell Unit Registrations (559) Registration
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2017 Camp Bell Unit Registrations (559)
Last Day To Register
254 Griswold Lane
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837, US
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2017 Camp Bell Unit Registration - NOTES

- All answers are required; please answer accurately!

- Mid-way through the registration process, you will come to a "how many" question which provides no further description of what it is asking about.  This question is asking for how many 'full-week' youth (and only youth) will be attending during the week for this registration.  (Half-week registrations have their own independent question).  Therefore, be advised you will be asked twice, total, for the number of full-week youth attending.  You will only be billed once despite being asked twice.

- Each time a new youth is paid on this registration system, after you checkout, you will receive a separate email which contains a link to the new online registration system.  This new online registration system will provide space for you to register the youth by name and enter the list of ratio-allotted adults for your Unit (based on total number paid).  The number of ratio-allotted adults in the new online registration system will increase at the various points allotted according to total number of paid youth attending.  The second stage of the online registration system will also allow registrations for Outposts and Menu Changes from the Standard Menu.  Personal Advancement will be tracked in the online registration system in 2017, however, you do not need to request any particular Merit Badges at this time (the Staff will handle this input during your week of camp).

- Additional adult leaders (above ratio) should be registered separately on the 'Additional Adult Leader' registration tab (not via this registration).


Thank you for attending Camp Bell in 2017!  Please review all Guidebooks and inform and encourage all families in your Unit about additional Provisional, APEX or Adventure opportunities!

Contact E-mail
$440.00 per Participant
Early Discount
Before 3/18/2017 a discount of $50.00 will apply.
Cancellation Policy
Refunds will only be considered when written proof is provided to the DWC Camping Department (camping@nhscouting.org) pertaining to a worthy reason for absence. Written proof does not guarantee a refund. $50 or more may be retained from any granted refund if the absence is not declared at least two weeks in advance of the start of the week in question. No refunds will be considered after September 1, 2017.