Committees are the functional basis of Order of the Arrow lodges. Passaconaway runs on the ten Operation Committees listed below. Every member of the lodge should be a member of at least one committee. If you are interested in chairing a committee, please send an email to If you are an adult who would like to advise a committee, contact the lodge adviser.

  • New England Fellowship\Conclave

    Chairman: John Grace
    Adviser: Jack Web (ALA)             

  • Sash and Bash

    Chairman: Matt Lefebve
    Adviser: Andy Richardson (Lodge Adviser)                  

  • Lodge Leadership Development

    Chairman: Open
    Adviser: Christine Wilson                       Plans the Lodge conference to build members’ leadership and job-specific skills, coordinates continued leadership training throughout the year and supports lodge and chapter leadership.

  • Camp Promotion

    Chairman: Vacant
    Adviser: John Branscombe
    Develops plans for camping promotion in consolation with the council camping committee and develops promotional helps such as “Where to go Camping” booklets.

  • Service

    Chairman: James Greenwood (Vice Chief)
    Adviser: Kevin Hurley (ALA)
    Suggests a yearly schedule of service projects, gets lodge approval, and makes complete plans for getting the work done. Also works with camp rangers for camp service projects.

  • Program

    Chairman: Sam Perley (Vice Chief)
    Adviser: Vacant
    Is responsible for the logistics and planning of all meetings of Lodge membership throughout the year and works closely with other committees to accomplish the goals of these weekends. Performs office duties related to event registration.

  • Ordeal

    Chairman: Mark Broilette
    Adviser: Open
    Plans and administers successful induction weekends in accordance with the Guide to Inductions and is responsible for the Ordeal induction process. Lodge ceremony teams operate under this committee.

  • Elangomat

    Chairman: Joey Winslow
    Adviser: Ron Morin

  • Banquet 2018

    Chairman: open
    Adviser: open

  • Nominations

    Chairman: Vacant
    Adviser: Vacant

  • American Indian Affairs

    Chairman: Richie Senneville
    Adviser: Anita Creager
    Advises on the proper use Native American Themes and customs in Lodge Activities and recruits members to participate in the Lodge/Chapter Dance Teams and other Native American Events.

  • Finance

    Chairman:Open (Treasurer)
    Adviser: Linda Hamel (ALA)
    Draws up an annual budget based on administrative and program needs, works with the council service center, maintains chapter finances and is responsible for the financial status of the lodge. Oversees fund-raising such as the trading post.

  • Membership

    Chairman: Vacant
    Adviser: Vacant
    Coordinates dues, helps lodge meets membership quotas for quality lodge, supports chapters in unit elections, and helps administer lodge awards. Supports the chapter-unit link and works with chapters to develop the troop representative program. Performs office duties related to membership and dues.

  • Communications

    Chairman: Reese Merry (Secretary)
    Adviser: Scott Langille (ALA)
    Develops and maintains lodge websites, supports chapter communication, promotes participation in OA events and activities and communicates information from other committees to lodge membership.

  • Brotherhood

    Chairman: Mark Langille
    Adviser: John Branscombe
    Is responsible for Brotherhood conversion numbers and promoting brotherhood conversion. Conducts the brotherhood hike and ceremony during induction weekends.

  • Vigil

    Chairman: Bryce Stack
    Adviser: Mike O'Connor

  • Ceremonies

    Chairman: Vacant
    Advisers: Jay Cohen

  • Fun Weekend

    Chairman: Vacant
    Adviser: Vacant


Last updated on April 24, 2017