The 100 Degrees of Frost Award is presented to the Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturer, or adult
leader who “earns” 100 or more below freezing points annually between October 1st and May 30th. Any scout, regardless of location, is welcome to participate. One point is awarded for each degree below freezing recorded during a campout. The degree of temperature is determined by the “Official” weather bureau station nearest the campsite; however, a leader’s thermometer reading will be accepted.

[An example of point calculation is as follows: 22° Fahrenheit is 10° below freezing (32°F and 0°C = freezing) and is thus worth 10 points.]


1. Eight continuous hours must be spent between sunset and sunrise in a lean-to, snow
shelter, in a tent, or in the open.
2. No stoves or heaters are permitted in the tents or shelters.
3. Open fires are permitted as long as they do not constitute a hazard to the shelter or the
surrounding area.
4. Scouts and Venturer’s must be accompanied at all times by leadership approved by the
Unit Committee.
5. All campouts to follow guidelines set out in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Troop camp outs, Organized District and/or Council activities may be used, as long as all rules are followed.
Make-up nights and backyard camping for those who miss outings due to illness, etc., are
authorized only if they are approved by the unit leader. Appropriate measurements of
temperature for those nights must be used.

Camping Standards:

1. No Scout, Venturer, or Scouter will camp alone. Two adults are required at all times on
all sponsored events.
2. All health and safety standards are in effect during all outdoor camping experiences.
Refer to Scouting manuals for correct procedures, etc.
3. Being prepared is necessary: Prior to the camping trip the Scoutmaster will approve the
a. Place- date and duration of trip, including names of campers.
b. Equipment list.
c. Complete menu- food cost per meal per camper.
d. Obtain all permissions required.
e. File all tour permits as required.
4. Cold weather camping comes with inherent risk. The unit leader will ensure all scouts
are properly equipped and appropriately dressed for any cold weather outings.
5. All camping will be in accordance with principles outlined in the Outdoor Code and
Leave No Trace. Leave your area better than you found it.
6. All leaders must adhere to youth protection policies.

 Frost Tracker Workbook

Frost Tracking Info

Frost Application

Frost Order Form

Sponsored by:
Troop 270
Wannalancit District
Contact: Mark Dumas:
With permission, this program mirrors the one set up by Troop 412 Derry, Jim
Whitney, and the Nutfield District. More information on their awards can be
found at: Nutfield District-> Advancement & Recognition-> District
Camping Awards